Patua's legend
In Salvador de Bahia, legend tells of how the Earth was created by Yemanja, goddess of the sea, protector of women, and mother of all living creatures; and by Oxum, goddess of beauty, gracefulness and fertility.
Surveying the beauty of the forests, oceans and mountains they had crafted, they realized that, while everything seemed in its place, the heart of the matter was still missing. They then created Love as the moon and the flowers, Gracefulness as the dragonflies and the feathers and, finally, the infinite Light of Hope as the stars.
Ever since, Brazilian women have been wearing these delicate eternal symbols as lucky charms, for their radiance and most luminous dreams.
Today, Mariana and Lalla have recreated them for us, for all women who recognize in themselves these values, these symbols, this spirit: the Patua spirit.